Brief History

Hales Chapel was founded during the end of the restoration movement during the late 1700's to the early 1800's. The church was built by William Chamberlain Hale. and first opened it's doors in 1887.  On September  3, 1978,  ground was broken for the new church. and the new building was dedicated in 1980


Our Church

Hales Chapel Christian Church is an undenominational congregation teaching and upholding New Testament Christianity. We are part of a universal effort, known as the Restoration Movement, which seeks to restore the church of the New Testament in both principle and practice. We adhere to no human creeds or man-made doctrines, rather we strive to wholly exalt Jesus Christ and His word. 

We believe and accept the Bible as the full and final revelation of God to mankind. We apply Bible names for Bible things and do Bible things in Bible ways.  We speak where the scriptures speak and remain silent where the scriptures are silent.